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Long Time No See!

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to write this blog post because I haven't written one in a while and provide you all with a quick update of what's been going on in my personal life lol

Overall things have been going pretty well. I did get involved in a critical incident at work, which has made me feel more stressed out than usual. I'm not going to go into detail about exactly what happened due to non-disclosure agreements that have been signed and confidentiality and what not, but I have spoken to several people who have helped tremendously with managing that added stress. I'm so incredibly thankful that I have such an excellent support system, full of people who care about me and my well-being and want to see me succeed <3

Other than that, I've just been chilling. I've had quite a bit of overtime lately, so I still haven't managed to find much time to do anything else. I have more overtime in the future, so I doubt I'll be able to get enough free time to do anything anytime soon, which sucks but oh well. I'm just trying to make the most of the time that I do have to relax and unwind.

I've been enjoying my Nintendo Switch quite a bit lately. I think I've put the most hours into Splatoon 3 compared to any other game I own, not to say that the other games I own suck or anything. I think a close 2nd place would be Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I might make a page somewhere where I share my custom design creator ID and dream address, but I'm still thinking over it.

I've also decided to retire the domain entirely. I feel like works perfectly fine as a domain and seeing as how I've got paid in advance for the next 5 years, it's kind of a waste to have For now, I've decided to disable it entirely. Anything that had a domain is now on its own subdomain (for instance, my blog is now on, my pastebin is now on, my website is now on, my images are now on, etc), and sending email to will no longer work at all. I've gone ahead and parked the domain until it expires because if I had deleted it immediately, some jackass could snatch it up right away and make it point to something malicious or downright illegal, and tarnish my name in the process. And I don't want that. I'm not sure what I'll do with the domain once it expires, but I'll figure something out.

Other than that, I hope everyone reading this is doing well! Stay tuned for the next blog post, which will be coming at some point in the near future (hopefully!) I love you all, and I hope you all stay safe and healthy! <33

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